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Mileage capture

The content on these pages is designed to advise company car drivers and those responsible for fleets (HR, Finance or Fleet managers) on the latest innovations in cash allowances and mileage capture.

The links below provide specific advice about tax optimised cash allowances, and fleet mileage capture for the fleet professionals, and the information below the links is aimed at those who drive for business.

PEAK Mileage Capture

Why Capture Mileage?

  • It is likely that anyone driving a company car or using their own car for business will be claiming business mileage
  • Statistics have shown that on average mileage is overestimated by 24.7%
  • This overestimation and fraud could be costing employers. A typical driver could be costing you as much as £5000 per year

Not only are employers paying for phantom business mileage but they may also face the risk of a hefty fine from HMRC for incorrect mileage claims.

Overview of PEAK Mileage

  • Fleet Innovations Peak Mileage capture: Precise, Efficient, Accurate, Knowledgethat is great value for money
  • The benefits derived from accurate mileage capture are significant, ensuring both employers and their employees will save time, save money and increase productivity as well as removing the potential risk of HMRC fines

How it Works

The Benefits

  1. Reduction in time: PEAK mileage capture will turn a manual process normally taking 45 minutes into a 5 minute experience
  2. Increased productivity: Not only will employees have more time on their hands for the “real job” but employers will also be able to see how many trips have been completed and which clients have been visited, enabling better planning of time
  3. Improved accuracy: The device works using GPS technology, so it will accurately capture a trip to within a few metres. This ensures that drivers will not be able to over claim their mileage, ensuring employers only pay for the actual business trips travelled
  4. Accurate CO2 measurement: If CO2 is important to your business then we can help by comparing mileage and fuel spend to accurately work out each individuals CO2 emissions
  5. Reduced cost of cash allowances: Optimising cash allowances using mileage capture can be simply astonishing saving your business and employees hundreds, or even thousands of pounds per year. See PEAK Cash Optimiser
  6. Reduced cost of private fuel: Do you have employees taking private fuel? PEAK Fuel Optimiser can save hundreds of pounds per year for both a business and it's employees

How Much Does it Cost?

For more information and our latest prices and special offers visit www.fleetinnovations.com or email info@fleetinnovations.com

PEAK Mileage Capture Features & Benefits at a Glance

The Features
  • No manual record keeping at start and end of trip
  • Automatic logging of start and end odometer and distance travelled.
  • Accuracy with enhanced business mileage reconciliation
  • Practically wipe out any mistakes, and incidences of overestimation that can potentially attract HMRC penalties and fines. No need to look up all your journeys on Google maps or similar
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The electronic mileage capture dongle is easily plugged into a vehicle. Data is easily, quickly and accurately uploaded to our custom-built mileage capture solution.
  • Scalable, robust and on-going mileage analysis
  • The mileage tracker dongle can be used intensively for years with accurate quick and simple mileage capture. If required we can also retain your mileage reports for up to 4 years (HMRC recommendation)
  • Integrity of records
  • Records are always complete. Each business trip will have a Trip Purpose. Data storage is secure. Data cannot be edited/deleted. Trips can be traced on a journey map. Trips cannot be falsified or made up.
  • Future enhancement. Sustainability
  • Fleet innovations will always listed to customers ideas and aim to continually improve, enhance and upgrade the benefits of the solution
  • Driver has Complete Control
  • This solution is NOT a “big brother black box recorder” your drivers have control over which trips are submitted and which trips remain private. A trip is either business or personal and if its personal the data is not shared with an employer.
The Benefits
  • Accurate Mileage Capture
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Confidence with HMRC knowing your mileage claim is accurate and provable
  • Remove overestimates and fraud as drivers can only submit a journey actually travelled and the actual mileage travelled.
  • Significant reduction in time taken to submit mileage reports. About 2 minutes per month
  • Bespoke reporting, designed to meet your specific needs
  • Ability to enjoy more efficient cash allowance through accurate utilisation of HMRC approved AMAP rates
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced risk

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