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Guide to Leasing

If you have never considered having a brand new car before, or have not paid for previous cars using monthly finance, these pages will provide you with help and guidance. If you would like to discuss the process or your circumstances and requirements, please contact us, we are here to help.


You need to consider the following:

Finance Types

Affinity Leasing offer four types of vehicle finance. There may be more than one type of finance which suit you. To compare the different finance types, click here for a guide to personal and business lease types.

If you are comparing leasing with purchasing click here.

Vehicle Type

What is the right vehicle for your needs? You should consider:

  1. Monthly budget
  2. Practicality
  3. Running costs
  4. Value for money (based on discounts available)

If you are able to be flexible on your choice of car our top deals offer the best value for money. If, however, you have a particular model in mind, we will produce bespoke quotes for you. If budget is your key, use our state of the art website to search for vehicles in your price bracket. You can compare your favourites and even complete the process on line if you wish, of course you can always talk to our friendly support team over the phone if you prefer.


The mileage you drive affects the "residual value" of the car, i.e. the amount that it is worth at the end of the lease. For example a car which has done 5,000 miles a year for 4 years will have 20,000 miles on it at the end of the lease, whereas a car doing 25,000 miles a year for 4 years will have 100,000 on it at the end and therefore be worth less when it is sold on at the end of the lease.

Initial Payment Level

Initial payments have a direct influence on the monthly rentals: the more you put in at the beginning of the lease, the less the monthly payments will be thereafter, and vice versa.

Low initial payments: some contracts - PCP and HP - do not need any deposit at all, and PCH and CH start at 1 monthly rental. The monthly rental will be slightly higher as a result.

High initial payments: All contracts can include deposits of up to 30% of the value of the vehicle if you wish, and the monthly rentals will be lower as a result.

Credit History

Your credit history is important because you have to pass a credit check to be approved for finance on a new car with us. This applies whichever finance type you chose. We are independent and able to offer a variety of finance companies to suit your credit/financial history. Click here for a full definition of credit problems.

Credit Problems

If you have had credit or financial problems in the last 6 years, call or email our specialist team who will advise the most appropriate funder for your circumstances, run quotes on that funder's system and assist in any other way. Rather than spending a great deal of your time considering cars, spec, extras and so on, it may be wise to set a maximum monthly budget and see whether you are eligible for finance at that stage - you can still alter the vehicle and quote parameters once you have been accepted through the credit check. Our team will help you thorough the process.

No Credit Problems

The prices on our website are available to you if your financial history has been clear for the last 6 years. You are welcome to search by price or vehicle type, or call or email us and we will be glad to run bespoke quotes for you with no cost or obligation.

Part Exchange

You can part exchange your existing car with us - we will drive it away when we delivery our new car: it must be taxed and have and MOT therefore. Click here to complete our part exchange appraisal form and send it to us to obtain a valuation on your car.


Credit Application

Once you have finalised your choice of finance and car, added any optional extras and settled on the final quote parameters, the next step is to apply for finance. This is a quick and simple process which can either be completed over the phone (with an instant response in most cases), or by completing a form via the website or a download.

Your credit acceptance may be influenced by whether or not you are on the electoral roll or are on the TV License register, whether you have changed your name or moved frequently in the last 6 years, and, of course, your financial history. If you have any concerns or questions please call us, we are here to help and can do so in most circumstances.

Ordering The Car

We will send an order form to you by email covering the particulars of the car and any extra's to be included. It is extremely important that you double check all of these details as mistakes can be costly and cannot be rectified. Once we receive the signed order form, we will place your order with the supplying dealer. At this stage both you and Affinity are committed to the car and can receive penalties if it is cancelled.


Some fees are payable: we charge a documentation and ordering fee of £216 at the time of ordering and the funders that we use may charge fees, but these will be shown on your quotes.

Finance Paperwork

We will then send your finance documents to you via email. The car cannot be delivered until these documents, and any deposit and proof of ID are in and accepted.


Delivery will be free to any address in mainland United Kingdom. Deliveries to Northern Ireland and the islands are by arrangement. Your car will be driven by a professional delivery driver employed by the supplying dealership.

Post Delivery

We recommend that you do the following checks when your car arrives:

  1. Check for any damage, scratches, missing extra's, warranty and service book, alloy wheels. If any of these are not as new we recommend you decline the delivery and do not sign the delivery note. However if its a minor detail then we recommend that if you want to sign for the car, no matter how minor the damage or omission is, you make a note of it on the delivery note and inform us before signing.
  2. Check the mileage: as the car will have been driven to you it will have delivery mileage on the clock. This will be noted on the delivery note and your contracted mileage may be in addition to this delivery mileage depending on your finance company. Please ask before delivery if you are concerned about this.

During The Lease

Throughout the term of your contract you need to ensure that the car is maintained to an acceptable standard: this means adhering to the service schedule and keeping the car in a roadworthy condition. Please check the parameters in the handbook at the beginning of the agreement. You do not need to take it to a main dealer to have the work done. Maintenance contracts are available on PCH and CH should you wish to include the cost of maintaining the car in your monthly rental or you can take out a stand alone monthly maintenance from a specialist provider - we can recommend providers for you. Please ask us about this as we run your quotes.

End Of The Lease

At the end of the lease period we will contact you to discuss your future motoring needs. The finance company will also be in touch to arrange to collect the car unless you plan to buy it outright via a PCP or HP contract. Your car will be collected on the due date, you do not need to return it to a dealer or to us.

Why Use Affinity Leasing?

We are proud to be members of the British Vehicle and Rental Leasing Association click here to see what this means for you.

Other Things To Consider

There are a number of other things which you may need to take into account, click on the links below to explore:

  1. Settling early
  2. Personalised registration plates
  3. Affinity Leasing's Terms of Service
  4. Data Protection
  5. PCP Legal documentation
  6. FAQ's

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