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Contract Hire

A great, fixed cost solution for small, medium or large companies -

This is the most popular type of lease for business clients, if you don't want the financial risk of running your own car and van fleets, and you don't want to have to deal with buying and selling your own vehicles. You simply lease it for a set period of time, and hand it back at the end. We can advise you which manufacturers are offering the best deal to ensure that you get the best value for money whether you are looking for one vehicle or a fleet.

Monthly payments are fixed at the start of the lease term, and stay the same (apart from changes in interest rates). There is a small deposit payable at the start of the lease period, normally three monthly payments. The leasing company owns the vehicle (and therefore carries the associated risks) and at the end of the agreement the car or van is returned. Payments are determined from the purchase price of the vehicle, duration of lease, anticipated contract mileage and resale value at the end of the period of the lease.

Road tax is included for the duration of the lease. Fixed cost maintenance, breakdown recovery and a host of other services are also available through the maintenance option.

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