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Hire Purchase

Pay in equal installments -

Hire Purchase, or HP as it is often referred to, is a finance type where you pay for the car or van in equal instalments and the vehicle is yours outright on the last payment - a little like a mortgage where the house is yours on the final payment.

It is particularly appropriate where you definitely want to own the vehicle or drive high mileage (extremely high mileages can be expensive on PCP or PCH).

No deposit is necessary on HP, and finance durations can be as long as 5 years.

Monthly repayments are more than they would be on PCP or PCH because you are paying the full amount of the car (with Affinity discounts if available) divided equally over the duration of the finance, whereas with PCP there is an optional "balloon" payment at the end and with PCH the car is returned and sold at auction thereby returning the residual value to the finance company.

Hire Purchase quotes are not available on our website. If you would like hire purchase quotes please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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